Ajilvsga - Medicine Bull

Medicine Bull


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Ajilvsga - Medicine Bull

For those who still haven't had a chance to listen to their music, Ajilvsga is a duo comprised of Nathan Young and Brad Rose (from FoxyDigitalis webzine/label group and The North Sea fame). Ajilvsga are heavy on dynamics, guitars and electronics and they do that in their ownest way. "Medicine Bull" shines like an immediate masterpiece with its unique soundworld carefully shaped for Wiccan nights, cosmic disasters and altered mind states. Magically mastered by Pete Swanson (from Yellow Swans).


"I've not heard of Ajlvsga before. I can't pronounce it and I realized that I couldn't even read it or write it as I had to copy and paste it in to the review. It's another of those CD's on Dreamsheep which has come in this week which is turning out to be a smart label. It's called 'Medicine Bull' and the band is actually Nathan young and Brad Rose (from North Sea!). This is well dark, dark crackly industrial sounding noises cranking along but hidden underneath layers of darkness, doom and granny slaying are tiny slabs of melody which are keeping my interest enough to keep on ploughing through the CD. It's very gutteral sounding and at times the frequencies are making me feel like I'm gonna shit myself. Nothing new there though (thank heavens for adult nappies). If you're into some cranial pounding then this is something you'll like. Somewhere in between Nadja and the Eraserhead soundtrack. If ever anything sounded like there's demons living in your radiator it's this fucker. Charming."


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  1. Ajilvsga - Tired Eyes
  2. Ajilvsga - Big Black Meteoric Star
  3. Ajilvsga - Rawa
  4. Ajilvsga - Realm Of Light
  5. Ajilvsga - Leviathan Vanquished

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