David Daniell - Los Jacintos

Los Jacintos

David Daniell

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David Daniell - Los Jacintos

Los Jacintos, the first in a pair of releases (along with The Hideout) of David Daniell's recent live solo guitar performances, was recorded in Spain during Daniell's February 2008 tour. Organ-like tones ebb and swell to start the set, carving out a pulsing minimal foundation. Less-processed electric guitar sounds begin to bubble up, giving way to beautifully psychedelic playing around the ten minute mark. Here Daniell sounds like Manuel Göttsching playing with Ash Ra Tempel, albeit in a more loose and blues-inflected style. It's a section of pure space-rock lyricism, suddenly spiraling back down into another trance-inducing drone passage. The rest of the set continues to alternate wonderfully between these two poles, the whole time blissfully reaching upward for the sky.

David Daniell's live performances over the past few years have quietly but surely gathered an audience of believers. The deftness of execution and power to be found on these complimentary live recordings testifies as to why. Rarely does abstract guitar music sound so lyrical, and rarely does experimental music sound, to put it simply, so pleasing.

Over the past ten years Daniell has been moving closer and closer to his current sound. It was well worth the wait. Combining his mercurial blues-influenced free guitar playing with a sense of classic ambient and electro-acoustic influences we find ourselves in a very unique sound-world. It's John Fahey, Terry Riley and Brian Eno sharing an orbit. In this music the buzz of electric and acoustic strings melts into gaseous clouds of tone; drones constantly shift creating beat patterns; suddenly a finger-picked guitar motif springs to life. Daniell's music is intense and inviting, subverting structures and genres with no sense of pastiche. What we do find is an extremely unique take on minimal American music.

David Daniell is currently exploring one of the most singular paths in abstract guitar playing and experimental composition. These two live documents are an essential glimpse of what Daniell is capable of, as well as pointing the way to his next major recorded work.


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