Hexlove - Live on Kboo, Portland OR

Live on Kboo, Portland OR


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Hexlove - Live on Kboo, Portland OR

Beefheart or Eno? Magnetic Fields or Tricky? - Zac Nelson (see his releases on Holy Mountain and Temporary Residence...) comes from Illinois and his way to create music is pretty unique. Divived between impressive instrumental sections, gorgeous almost-feminine vocal parts, explosive drum skills and beautiful melodic inventions, Nelson shows the widest musical range and the best inspiration we ever tasted recently in the underground/indie scene. This is the second CD release from him - a wonderful collection of songs, drum-obsessed jams and crazy pop sketches. Here is an absolutely brilliant manifesto of his art.


"Ant here with a very nice opener from Hexlove. This double CD 'Pija Z Bogiem' is the work of Holy Mountain/ Temporary Residence artist Zac Nelson and it's a most pleasant listening experience. It's strange, backwards indie pop music that is simultaneously experimental and accessible. The vocals on the tracks are really unique using lots of effects and with the processing they take on a genderless ghostly quality. There's a wonderful sense of melody running throughout some of the pieces. What a talented writer and musician this guy is. Some of the tunes really evolve and switch dynamics in gloriously en-expected ways. 'Herb' for example just builds in intensity with the drums going beserk and then lots of great synth sounds and squelches. This is a brilliantly unique body of work but if pushed for any reference points think of the early more experimental Animal Collective vocals, the campfire feel of Akron/ Family, Sun Ra cosmik freak out gear and some primal tribal styles. This balances both dark and light elements to create a magical and tripped out listen. This comes highly recommended on Italian label Dreamsheep."


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  1. Hexlove - Live on Kboo, Portland OR

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