Maurizio Bianchi + Hue + Fhievel - Erimos


Maurizio Bianchi + Hue + Fhievel

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Maurizio Bianchi + Hue + Fhievel - Erimos

This release is quite special as it has given us the opportunity to work with one of our all-time favorite artists (and one of the true all-time greats), Maurizio Bianchi. "Erimos" is the first in a series of works about the spaces "between the elements." This album contains a single, 40+ minute exploration. Heavy on electronics, the amazing thing is how warm the whole piece feels. Bianchi is joined by two of the next generation of Italian sound sculptors, Hue (aka Matteo Uggeri) and Fhievel (aka Luca Bergero). The two have breathed new life into Bianchi's music, showing that the future of the Italian underground is brighter than ever.

Bianchi began producing music almost 30 years ago in 1979, and since 1980 has used electronic equipment with the avowed goal "to produce technological sounds and in such a way to work on complete realising of the modern decadence." His best known work, "Symphony for a Genocide" was recently reissued by New York-based Hospital Productions. This seminal work proved what a pioneer in electronic music he was.

On "Erimos," we find Bianchi stretching time and manipulating sound as ever. Over the course of this monster performence, the trio weaves intricate circles around one another, nearly colliding at every point. But the success comes from their abilities to play off each other, resulting in original and captivating sounds and textures. It is electronic drones unlike any other. "Erimos" is captivating and beautiful, even if it's main inspiration comes from something as desolate and isolated as the deserts on its cover.


"Across six long tracks deep waves of scarlet sound ebb and flow in rich stochastic movements. Sit down and listen to this with your full attention, and time is suspended - your very being is caught in the swell and roar of the sonic maelstrom." - Cyclic Defrost

"There's simply no way to discover all the worlds these recordings create at one listen, since they reveal something new and extraordinary at each hearing, not only as historical artefacts but as eternally contemporary documents of pure artistic rage." ¬- Paris Transatlantic Magazine

"On Hormone the reverb rules, whereas on Electrolyte the piano chords are more to the fore with only minimal reverb. Best of the bunch is the 20-minute closing track Tale though, with a distant yet brooding ambient atmosphere, without any traces of the original piano. This CD proves there is still live in the old beast." - Vital Weekly


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  1. Maurizio Bianchi + Hue + Fhievel - Erimos

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