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Sachiko M

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Sachiko M - Detect

This little CD is a gem. Merely 20 minutes long, the latest from Japanese electronics improviser Sachiko M (of Ground Zero, Filament and I.S.O. fame) is a showstopper. The key to this release is silence. It opens with a few short blips and bleeps, a crackle here, a short cluster of sound there, followed in silence. Another cluster, this time louder, more concrete, followed once again in silence. This exchange continues unevenly for a period which seems longer than it actually is, the listener never knowing when the next little burst will come through the vid of silence. I've been listening to this little piece for days, and each time I'm still surprised by it, never completely comfortable with my anticipation of the sounds. Slowly over the time frame a smooth high frequency creeps in at an extremely low volume, almost imperceptible at first. This tone increases in its intensity and in its volume gradually over the latter half of this recording, shifting slightly and changing with each of the listener's movements. And then, suddenly, a full stop, and it's all over. The strength of this record is in its economy of style. I absolutely love these limited CD formats, and especially so with glitch music and electronic improvisations. I'd like to think that any work published in this format was conceived with this limitation in mind, thereby constraining the artist to express his or her ideas within its established parameters. Sachiko M does this extremely well; her sensibilities in working with the interplay of silence and sound are remarkable. Highly recommended. rds INCURSION MUSIC PUBLISHING (CAN)


So controlled it amounts to a claustrophobic exercise in flatlining. THE WIRE (UK)


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